About us

We are a small cattery with the emphasis on providing a loving home-from-home for your cat whilst it boards with us.


Daily grooming, cuddles and treats are provided for all and we are happy to care for your older pet or those with special dietary requirements, If your cat requires  the administration of medication you must complete the form we provide.


Your much loved pet will enjoy their stay allowing you to relax on yours knowing that they are safe, warm and in a clean and happy environment.


Scratching posts, warm fleecy bedding and toys are all made available to our guests. Should you prefer, you are most welcome to bring along your cat's own bed/bedding/scratch post/toys or whatever you feel your cat will find familiar and reassuring.

Why Bring Your Cat To Christchurch Cattery ?

At Christchuch Cattery the care of your cat is our priority - we hope this is also your priority. If we are talking the same language then here are some additional reasons for bring your cat to Christchurch cattery:


  • Exclusive boarding for cats ONLY; no dogs boarding here

  • Spacious & comfortable accommodation

  • We actively encourage owners to bring the cats' home comforts in with them

  • Every chalet has its own thermostatically controlled heating at no extra cost

  • Licensed cattery with full insurance cover

  • Knowledgeable and caring

  • We provide exceptionally high standards to at least the standards required by our licensing authority


General Conditions:

Cats must be fully vaccinated against Feline Enteritis and Cat Flu. If your cat has not been vaccinated, it will not be accepted.

A CURRENT VETERINARY CERTIFICATE of Vaccination and/or booster will be required for inspection at the time of admission – to ensure that these have been administered a full seven days prior to entering our cattery.

Any cat suffering, or suspected of suffering from, any infectious or contagious disease will not be accepted.

Male cats over 6mths old must be neutered.

Only cats from the same family may share a chalet.

All cats must be transported to and from the cattery in a secure cat carrier.

Owners must leave their contact telephone number on admission.

All cats are boarded at the cat owner’s risk.

We are happy to groom as required during their stay (brushes must be supplied), the cattery cannot be deemed to be professionally competent in this function and will only perform maintenance grooming. If we feel that any grooming activity is causing distress we will stop.

We are happy for you to bring your cat’s bedding and toy(s), but such items will be subject to inspection by us and are left entirely at the owners’ risk.